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HealthMode And MapHabit Partner To Develop Software For Alzheimer’s Disease

Technology has the potential to help improve daily living for millions with memory impairment while enabling progress toward a cure.

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(SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jan. 29􏰅, 2020) – HealthMode and MapHabit today announced their partnership to develop new assistive technologies to measure, monitor, and treat individuals with Alzheimer’s disease using software in lieu of or in combination with medication.

Avoiding the side effects of medication, MapHabit, based in Atlanta, GA, develops mobile device software (also called MapHabit) that gives users a chance to perform and experience activities previously lost to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Breaking down complex tasks into fully customizable incremental steps, MapHabit aims to restore function by guiding users and capturing details about how they live their daily lives – details used by HealthMode’s machine learning model to make real-time clinical assessments and reinforce behaviors that improve independent living.

“Combining visual task-mapping with predictive analytics to better understand individual trajectories of disease in this novel application has the potential to completely change the standard of care for people with Alzheimer’s,” said HealthMode CEO Dan Karlin, MD. “We’re excited to partner with MapHabit to help people with memory impairment and their families live their best lives and give clinicians a better tool for measuring disease trajectory so they can make informed care decisions.”

“MapHabit helps individuals with memory impairment regain independence to enhance their quality of life and facilitates consistency of care,” said MapHabit CEO Matt Golden. “HealthMode is an ideal innovation partner to further develop MapHabit’s analytical framework into an industry game-changer for people living with this devastating disease and their care partners.”

MapHabit uses task-mapping – based on a memory technique called mind-mapping used in scientific research, business planning, and education to improve recall by organizing key bits into a memory bank powered by pictures, words, and quotes – to walk users through manageable steps that are the components of an essential activity of daily life.

Available on iOS and Android devices, MapHabit combines task-mapping with a user interface that simplifies as dementia progresses – one of the many ways the collaboration with HealthMode has led to real-time interventions, which help users stay engaged and independent, while building increasingly meaningful information about the progression of each individual’s illness.

By supporting an individual with dementia’s ability to independently accomplish key activities of daily living, the new assistive technology could be a driving force towards reducing the need for long-term care and costly urgent emergency care visits and hospitalizations.

Reflecting a rising trend as our nation ages, six million people in the US alone are living with Alzheimer’s and one in three will die with it. Alzheimer’s and related dementias are the costliest segment of the US healthcare spend – currently $210 billion annually and predicted to reach $1.1 trillion by 2050 – with the fewest treatment options.

HealthMode and MapHabit are initially collaborating through funding from the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

About MapHabit, Inc.

MapHabit is a patent-pending application that provides hundreds of customizable visual maps and tracking features to help those living with various cognitive impairment disorders. Utilizing an integrated, role-based system, MapHabit enables memory-impaired individuals to accomplish their activities of daily living while providing oversight and peace of mind to their caregivers and family members. For more information, visit maphabit.com .

About HealthMode, Inc.

HealthMode, Inc. powers next-generation clinical trials and works toward regulatory approval and market access for drugs, devices, and combination products by developing and delivering AI-enabled digital measurement methods for clinical trials and clinical care. For more information, visit healthmode.co.

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